How do I organize the Legal papers for my wedding in Crete?
When you book your wedding with Celtic Weddings in Crete we will guide you through the process of obtaining the papers you require, having them checked and then legally translated.


What type of wedding venues are available in Crete?
Dependent on the area you choose to marry in there are different wedding venues available from lakeside to private villas, private gardens to beach locations.


Do we have to be a resident in Crete for a specific period before we can marry?
We recommend that you are resident on the island at least 3 days before the wedding ceremony and at least 3 days after the ceremony.


Do we travel to Crete under our married names?
No, you will travel under the names on your passports.


Will our marriage in Crete be legally recognized in Ireland?
Yes, your civil ceremonies are legal and binding and recognized legally recognized in Ireland.


Are there different Wedding packages or can I pick and choose what I want?
We offer both ready made wedding packages and tailor-made weddings, just let us know your requirements and we will create your Dream Wedding.


What about Wedding receptions and menus, do we have a choice and how do we go about booking them?
Venues for your reception can vary from classical styled restaurants to the more unusual ‘floating’ restaurants. From the understated elegance of formal sit-down meals to traditional meze style meals, Crete offers something for every palate and every pocket. We will be able to advise you on location and menu type to suit your requirements.


Do I really need a Wedding Planner for getting married in Crete?
Yes, it is advisable to have a Wedding Planner based locally as they will know the language, the Town Hall personnel and the suppliers in the area where your wedding is to take place.


What about our travel arrangements and accommodation in Crete?
With a number of travel contacts in both Ireland and Crete, we will be happy to help you with both travel arrangements and accommodation.


My family will not be able to stay in Crete for a week due to work commitments, will this be a problem?
No, there are now three flight days direct from Dublin to Crete which means that they can stay for a shorter period of time.



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