Hi I'm Anne-Marie, the owner of Celtic Weddings in Crete.

Originally from Dublin I came to Crete nearly thirty years ago, fell in love with the island and became a tour guide here.  Guiding gave me an even greater love of Crete discovering all the little hidden gems.  From tiny deserted coves to welcoming traditional villages nestled in the craggy mountains, there are so many beautiful places on Crete and the people are so warm and friendly.

In 2006 I was employed by a large holiday company and part of that job was organizing weddings. This was when I discovered my true passion - bossing people around (only joking)  organizing the finer details of a couple's wedding day!  Since then I have organized and overseen over 300 weddings, not only here on Crete but also on the nearby island of Santorini.  The company I worked for only dealt with British couples, no-one seemed to be organizing weddings especially for Irish couples, so with that in mind I set up Celtic Weddings in Crete.  Over the years I have built up a network of local professional wedding suppliers who will go the extra mile to make your day truly special.

So, how do you know if my weddings are suitable for you?  The weddings I offer are most suitable for couples on a budget, who maybe have a young family and all they want for their wedding is a stress-free day in a beautiful setting with delicious food, surrounded by close family and friends and a little bit of sunshine (very important to us Irish)!  So whether you wish to elope, just the two of you and make the day all about you or if you wish to bring everyone with you (the in-laws and the out-laws!!) I can help you create your dream wedding day.

To get started, just decide on when you would like to get married, the type of wedding - civil wedding or a blessing, the type of location you would prefer, the number of guests you think you may have and your budget.  Then send me a message with these details and I will come up with the perfect location for you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping to create  your special day.

Anne-Marie x


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