10 ways to keep the ‘little ones’ entertained at your Wedding


Stuck on ideas for keeping your young guests entertained at your wedding?  Here are 10 ideas that are sure to please and they are also budget-friendly!  


 Sometimes it is the simplest of things like balloons, bubbles and small toys that are most effective.Balloons are great for keeping children amused at weddings and they can also add a pop of colour to your photographs. TIP For any group photos with young children make sure that there are some balloons available. Get a guest to stand with a couple of balloons behind the photographer. Young children will automatically hone in on the colours of the balloons, so it will mean that they are looking in the right direction for photographs.


Bubbles are another fab way of capturing babies and toddlers attention. Not only will they keep younger children entertained and enthralled, they are also great for capturing beautiful photos as well. (Have you ever seen the look of awe and delight on the face of a young child looking at or trying to catch bubbles? It’s magical!)


If bubbles and balloons don’t work in capturing the children’s attention, then good old fashioned bribery with sweets should do the trick! Just make sure that the sweets aren’t chocolate covered, highly coloured or very sticky – marshmallows and white chocolate would be ideal.


At the reception provide little favour bags for the children with things like crayons, pencils, markers, colouring books and pages for drawing. Crayons and the special washable markers are best because they won’t mark clothes or table cloths!


Stickers and puzzles are another great way of keeping the little ones occupied.


 You can also include balloons, bubbles and sweets in the favor bags ( you can never have too much of a good thing!)


If you are having a specially designated children’s table, how about covering it with a white paper cloth with outlines of shapes and pictures that they can colour in. Instead of the paper table cloth you could also use rolls of white drawing paper which can be picked up in toy shops, art and craft shops or even Ikea!)

 finger puppets.jpg

Another cute idea for younger children would be little finger puppets. The finger puppets could be in different themes like a circus, jungle or farm animals for example. In a theme like a circus, they could entertain each other with their circus acts.


Play dough is another great way to keep the younger children entertained.


For the older children in the party, how about leaving disposable cameras on the table for them with a treasure hunt list of photos that they must take. The list could include things like red hat, pink flowers, page boy, someone kissing etc. You could also maybe give them props for the younger children like funny hats, big glasses and toy instruments that they could do a photo shoot. Why not have a look here for more inspiration on favor bags and games.

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